Tresta for iOS Release Notes - 07/05/2019

What's New

  • We have added Support for Short Codes
    • You can receive messages from Short Code Numbers
    • You can also send or respond to Short Code Numbers
  • All four Notification Types will play a tone upon receipt:
    • Message Notifications
    • Missed Call Notifications
    • Voicemail Notifications
    • Call Recording Notifications
  • We've improved the Conversation View Screen by allowing the User who is viewing the screen can see someone within their organization is responding to a Message
  • If someone sends an “Unsupported” File Attachment e.g. a .PDF, .DOC, .XLS, .CSV, etc. an error message will display in the Conversation View. This message will appear as a Message Block and contain a “Learn More” link that will pop a Modal explaining Tresta currently supports photos, video, and GIF files at this time.
  • A Filter Icon has been added next to the Search Field on the Messages Screen. Tapping this icon will allow customers to filter their Messages by Tresta phone numbers they have access to on the system.
  • On various screens within the Mobile App a Message Icon has been added that will allow customers to “Send a Message” from the following locations:
    • Via the Contact Card under Contacts
    • Via the Call Details Screen for Call History
    • Via the Call Details Screen for Voicemails
    • Via the Call Details Screen for Call Recordings
  • Users will have the ability to select and send photos, videos, and GIFs via the Tresta App. There are size limitations to this functionality:
    • When sending photos or videos we try to compress the files down to meet carrier requirements and ensure delivery
    • When sending from a Local Tresta Phone Number the carrier limit is < ~2.5 MBs
    • When sending from a Toll-Free Tresta Phone Number the carrier limit < 500 KBs 


  • On the Recordings/Voicemails screens, if the audio player is in use and someone taps to expand the additional options menu the player will now continue to play 
  • On the Recordings/Voicemails screens, if the audio player is in use and someone navigates away the audio will now stop playing
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