Tresta for iOS Release Notes - 05/27/2019

What's New

Text Messaging is now available in BETA!

Text messaging is automatically enabled for all users for every phone number in your system. To use this feature, however, you must update the mobile app first.

Here's what you need to know about our newest feature:

  • The Messages button has been added within the mobile app. Any text message sent or received by a Tresta phone number appears on the Messages screen.
  • Users have the ability to create new Conversations via the Tresta mobile app.
    • When creating a new Conversation, Users select from which Tresta phone number they send text messages.
    • Each Conversation should have a read state and read states are different for every User.
    • Tapping a Conversation on the Messages screen should show all of the messages received and sent in that Conversation.
  • You can control push notifications for New Messages and select whether you want them included in the badge count within the mobile app. This article explains how.
  • When tapped, the "i" bubble in the top right corner of the Conversation screen opens the Conversation Details screen. For this release, you'll be able to see the following data:
    • Participants - The external phone number(s) receiving text messages from you.
    • Phone Number - The Tresta phone number from which you are sending messages.
    • Conversation Started - The date and time the Conversation began. 

Still Coming for Tresta Text Messages

  • You can currently receive photos, videos and GIFs. The ability to send these items is coming soon!
  • Group chat messages can be created and sent from local numbers. The ability to create group chats via toll-free numbers is coming soon!
  • These enhancements are currently being addressed and should be released in the near future. There’s so much more coming...Stay tuned!
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