Controlling Notifications for Text Messaging

Tresta text message notifications work just as they do for any app on your phone. And individual users have the ability to tailor how notifications appear on their phone.

If you want to learn a little more about text messaging before diving into the notifications, please read this article.

This article covers how to control text message notifications from the perspective of any Tresta user. It’s important to note that anyone listed as an Authorized User for text messaging on a given number automatically receives notifications on their connected device(s).

Note: The information below assume that you have a phone number where text messaging is enabled.

Controlling Notifications for Text Messages within the Tresta Mobile App

From within the Tresta mobile app, click on your user icon in the top left corner of the Phone screen. This takes you to your User Settings.

Once you’re on the User Settings screen, click on the Notifications button under the Options section.

Next, locate the New Messages section. This is where you control the settings for your text messaging phone notifications. Toggle on or off the settings depending on whether you want text messages included in the badge count and/or if you want to receive push notifications.

Once your changes are made, they are live.

Controlling Notifications from within Your Phone's Settings

If you want to change the way push notifications appear or if you want to customize the alert tone, you have to do that within your phone's system settings. If you do not already know how to do this, we've included links below.

Controlling Notifications for Android
Controlling Notifications for Apple

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