How Tresta Pricing Works

One of our main goals with Tresta is to provide a no-nonsense pricing structure instead of a bunch of plans for you to choose from. That way, the phone system grows with your business and doesn't leave anything to waste. 

Our no-contract service automatically includes all of our cloud phone features along with one free phone number and unlimited usage. 

This following breaks down our pricing structure so you know exactly what you're paying for. You will find the these items included on your monthly invoice.

Price Per User

Each user is tiered and starts at $15/month per user for 1-10 users. As an example, ABC Company has three users on their Tresta system. Therefore, part of their monthly invoice includes their user fee which totals $45. Should they add another user, another $15 user fee will be tacked on.

The chart below breaks down the pricing for users.



1st – 10th $15/mo
11th – 20th $14/mo
21st – 100th $13/mo
101st+ $12/mo


Price Per Phone Number

We charge a small fee for phone numbers (the chart below breaks down the pricing). As you can see in the chart, the more phone numbers you have on your account, the less you pay per phone number.



1st Free!
2nd – 20th $5/mo
21st – 100th $4/mo
101st+ $3/mo


You can also visit our Pricing page and use the Pricing Calculator to determine what your monthly cost would be!

Taxes and Fees

There are a number of taxes and fees included on you invoice. Those amounts are variable by your location and are not determined by Tresta. You can read about those in this article.

If you ever need additional help discussing your bill, please reach out! Our support team is available M-F, 8am-8pm EST. 

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