Best Practices for Voicemail Boxes

Before you start making changes to the voicemail boxes on your system, check out these tips for better management and quality.

Add personalized or unified voicemail greetings.

It’s your choice: you can allow each user to create their own, personalized voicemail box greeting or you can have one person record the greetings to unify the sound of your virtual phone system. This ultimately comes down to the preference of the system administrator.  

Another option is to use the default greetings, but we do not recommend it. Callers are less likely to leave a voicemail when a greeting isn’t personalized in some fashion.

Adjust the subscriptions for voicemail boxes right after setup.

To ensure voicemails are delivered to the correct users, spend some time setting up subscriptions when adding new users or user groups. Need to know how? Check out this article.

Give your Standalone voicemail boxes easily recognizable names.

We recommend using names that indicate exactly for what what the voicemail box is being used. For example, a name like After Hours Voicemail gives you a clear understanding of what the voicemail box is being used for.

Write scripts for every greeting.

Whether it’s a voicemail greeting for an individual user or the prompts for an auto attendant, it’s important to create guidelines for each audio files. This makes everyone sound ultra polished and professional while also making things as clear as possible for your callers.

Use the Show tabs on the Voicemail Boxes page.

A new voicemail box is created when you add a new user or user group to the system. The fastest way to sort your boxes is to use the Show tabs at the top of the page. These tabs include All, Standalone, Users, and User Groups. Click these tabs will help you sort the voicemail boxes quickly.

Delete any unused voicemail boxes.

When users or user groups are deleted, so to are the voicemail boxes associated with them. However, it’s good practice to ensure that your standalone voicemail boxes are being utilized. If they aren’t, delete them! This will help you keep your system nice and clean. 

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