Reading Your Bill Cycle To Date

At Tresta, we strive to make your monthly invoices easy to understand and transparent - no hidden fees here. This article walks you through each component of your billing cycle to date and reveals what information you'll find in each.

Let's get started by navigating to the Bill Cycle to Date page. If you are a system or billing admin, log into the web app and click on your profile picture in the top right-hand corner. Next, select "Billing". 

You will then be brought to the Bill Cycle to Date tab. This opens the Bill Cycle to Date page and contains your charges.

Let's walk through each of the components of the bill. Simply click on the components with downward arrows next to the amount to reveal further information about the charge.


Starting Balance

The Starting Balance section is dedicated to any outstanding payments on an account. If ABC Company hadn't paid their previous bill, that amount would appear here. As you can see in the image below, they paid their invoice, therefore their starting balance for the cycle to date is zero dollars and zero cents.


Current Charges

The Current Charges section reflects all users and phone numbers that are on your system during the current billing cycle. This number changes when new users and phone numbers are added or removed from the system.



The Users section shows you each user on your system and how much you are being charged for each.


Phone Numbers

This section displays all of the phone numbers on your system, as well as the amount you are being charged for each.


Taxes and Fees

As we mentioned above, you are charged for a number of taxes and fees. These fees are set by your location and are not determined by Tresta. This section shows you every tax and fee you are billed for.


Estimated Balance

The Estimated Balance is the amount you will potentially owe for the current cycle. This number changes if you add more users or phone numbers to your system within the billing cycle. If you do not plan to make any changes, you can expect to pay that at the end of your billing cycle.



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