Best Practices for Call Recordings

Recording phone calls can be extremely handy, especially when monitoring for quality or just keeping tabs on your sales team. Here are a few best practices to consider before enabling the call recording feature on your phone numbers.

Double check that call recording is enabled.

You can do this one of two ways: you can visit the Phone Numbers page and either look to see if there is a green light next to the call recording icon (microphone), or you can click the edit icon and see if the setting is enabled. Call recording will not work on for a phone number if it isn’t enabled first.

Alert your callers they are being recorded.

It is illegal to record a call without the consent of all parties involved. This is why Tresta includes a default message alerting callers that their conversation with the party they’re dialing may be recorded.

If you prefer to use your own recording, you can add it to your audio files first, and then add it on each phone number you intend to use call recording on.

If you decide that you’d prefer to deliver the disclaimer yourself over the phone, you can waive the use of a pre-recorded message.

Manage who receives call recordings from a given phone number. 

Perhaps you want to keep a close eye on calls to the sales team. Or maybe you want to hear a call that your associate had with an important client. Or maybe you’d like to record calls to your support team for quality purposes. System administrators manage call recording subscriptions on the Edit Phone Number page. Users and user groups can be added or removed at any time.

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