Best Practices for Users

Adding new users to your Tresta phone system is easy and take just a few minutes. Read this article to learn more about adding users to your system. Here are a few best practices to help you better manage your Tresta users. 

Keep an audit of your users.

When managing a virtual business phone, it never hurts to keep a log of all the users on the system. Whether it’s a basic document or a complex spreadsheet, a log will help you get a scope of your users and help you to make changes when needed. 

Decide if you want to designate another user as a System or Billing Admin. 

When you add a user to either of these groups, they have the ability to makes changes on the phone system and/or are granted access to the billing information. This is particularly handy should one admin become unavailable. 

Remove any users who are no longer employed with the business.

Asses your system (using that handy audit sheet) often to ensure all of your users are still employed with your organization. This will help you to stay on top of your virtual phone system account, as well as ensure you aren’t paying for users who no longer work for the company. 

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