Account Closures Due to Non-Payment

Termination of Account for Non-payment

We reserve the right to terminate your Account due to failure to pay an invoice when due. You will be notified by email if your Account has been terminated. Tresta will not be responsible for any missed calls, advertising costs or other damages that result from the termination of any Account due to non-payment.

Fees for Non-payment 

If an Account balance remains unpaid, an Account may be turned over to an outside, third-party collections agency. The collection agency imposes charges of 14% on business Accounts, and this fee is passed on to any non-paying Customer. This fee amount is subject to change without notice.

Declined Credit Card

If a credit card payment is declined, we will attempt to recharge it on several occasions without advance notice. If we do not receive payment, either through an automated recharge or by a payment initiated by Customer, within twenty-one (21) calendar days from the statement date, the Account will be closed for non-payment. You can re-activate the Account by paying the balance due in full.

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