Best Practices for User Groups

User Groups act as departments in the Tresta cloud phone system. Read this article to learn more about them. Here are a few best practices to help you better manage the user groups on your system.

Create all of your groups.

If you know the different groups (i.e. Accounting, Sales, Marketing) you need, start creating them. Not sure how to add or edit user groups? This article includes all the steps you need. 

Add at least one user to each group.

Perhaps you are a solopreneur but want your business to sound larger than it is. Adding departments (even if you’re the one running everything) lends your business an air of largess. No matter how big or small your organization, there must be at least one user in a group to make the feature function properly.

Consider adding an additional user to the System Admin and Billing groups. 

If there are other users on your system, we recommend adding a non-admin user to your System Admin and Billing Groups. When you add a user to these two groups, they are given the ability to manage the system and have access to the billing information. This is particularly handy should one admin become unavailable.

Remove any users who are no longer in the department.

Asses your system often to ensure all of your users are accounted for and that everyone is in their correct department. This will help you to stay on top of your virtual phone system account, as well as ensure you aren’t paying for users who no longer work for the company. 

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