Best Practices for Phone Numbers

You can have as many phone numbers on your Tresta system as you need, and they are simple to add or remove. Here are a few best practices to help you better manage the phone numbers on your cloud phone system.

Decide how many numbers you need ahead of time.

Although you can add new phone numbers at any time, we recommend assessing your needs prior to setting up additional phone numbers. Of course, every system includes one number, but here are a few things to consider prior to adding more numbers:

  • Do you have additional staff? Do you want each staff member to have a direct phone line OR would an extension suffice?
    • If everyone works under one roof, giving each user an extension will suffice. However, if you have remote employees or team members who travel a lot for work, a direct phone line is the answer.
  • Is the cost of adding phone lines within your budget?
    • Each new phone number costs $3/line.
  • Are you doing any marketing?
    • You can create a phone number solely for your ads and marketing pieces so you can better track those calls.
  • Do you have departments that need a direct line?
    • If a caller needs to speak with someone in sales or billing, they can instantly access the entire department.

Give each phone number an easy-to-understand name.

One of the first steps when creating a new phone number is to name it. Make sure that name is completely clear to everyone on your system. Use names like, Bill’s Direct Line or Main Business Phone Number or Ad Tracking Line.

Choose who is authorized to make outbound calls on each number.

When setting up a new phone number, you must select who is authorized to make outbound calls on that phone number. This is especially important on direct lines for users. You can read all about how to authorize users for outbound calls here. 

Do you plan to use call recording? Set it up! 

Call recording is extremely handy, especially when it comes to quality assurance. If you plan on using it, set it up when you add a new number. You can read all about setting up call recording in this article.

Delete any unused phone numbers

If unused phone numbers pile up, it clutters your system and costs you money. Once you know a number is no longer being uses, simply delete it from your system. Note: If a phone number is associated with a call flow, you must unassign the number from the call flow before deleting it.

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