Recording Professional Audio Files

A phone greeting is often the first impression your callers receive for your business. That’s why it’s so important to ensure your audio files are engaging, yet professional.

Tresta makes it easy to create or upload customized greetings for an auto attendant or to use as a prompt within the system, however, not all audio files are created equal.  

Below are some quick tips for creating professional quality audio files that ultimately make your business sound sophisticated and polished. 

Tip #1: Write a script.

Spontaneity may work in your favor from time-to-time, but this is one area where a script comes in handy. A script allows you to focus on how you’re saying something rather than what you need to say. It’ll also help you eliminate those dreaded umms and uhhs. Don’t forget to practice before recording! 

Tip #2: Record in a quiet place.

Background noise is a huge distraction, especially when a caller is trying to hear their options. Find a room in your office or at home that is mostly quiet and distraction free. If the windows are open, shut them. Is your phone nearby? Make sure it’s silenced. The less background noise, the more professional your audio file will sound. 

Tip #3: Keep your tone calm.

While we are all for you showing your true colors, it’s best to speak calmly and professionally when recording an audio file to use in your cloud phone system. Take your time while reading through the script.  

Tip #4: Don’t get too close to the microphone.

Whether you’re using the microphone that’s built into one of your devices or you use an actual microphone, it’s best to have some distance between you and the microphone. Speaking too close to a microphone creates distortion so bad that your information becomes inaudible.  

Tip #5: Smile when you speak.

We know–it’s a little cliche–but smiling when you speak gives you voice a warmer, friendlier tone.

Should I use a professionally recorded greeting for my phone system?

Whether you are shy, have a heavy accent or just want a singular voice for your entire phone system, hiring a professional may be the way to go. Contact us to write a script or to use our in-house voice talent for your greetings. 

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