Tresta Web App Release Notes - 03/18/2019


  • The sidebar under the System Settings has an exciting update: we've added a new option to the sidebar called System Components. This effectively separates Call Flows from the components of the system (auto attendant, users, user groups, etc). Right below the Call Flows option you'll see the System Components option, and clicking it brings you to the System Components page. You can access individual system components from that page or by clicking on the appropriate option in the sidebar.

  • We've made a couple of handy improvements to the Edit Phone Numbers screen. These include the following:
    • The Options tab is now called the Call Recording tab.
    • The Name text box now appears when you're on any of the two tabs on the Edit Phone Numbers screen (Call Recording and Outbound Calling), making it easier to manage.
    • We've added an Authorized User History log on the Outbound Calling tab. This log helps you keep track of the when users were authorized or when their permissions were revoked.
      • Any of the Authorized Users on your Outbound Calling list will receive an email whenever changes are made to the list.
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