Tresta for Android Release Notes - 03/18/2019

What's New

We made a handful of modifications to the look of the mobile app, as well as some tweaks to its functionality. These changes include the following:

  • The History screen has been renamed the Calls screen.
  • When tapped, the following no longer pre-populates in the Dial-To field on the Phone screen:
    • Your contacts' names and the call details on the Contacts screen.
    • Your contacts' names and the call details on the Voicemail screen.
    • Your contacts' names and the call details on the Recordings screen.
    • The phone numbers associated with your contacts.
  • A new Call button was added to the Call Details screen. You can use this button to call whomever called you or whomever you called.
  • We also added a Call button within the contacts' details. When you tap on one of your contacts on the Contacts screen, you will see a Call button to the right of the phone number. Tapping the Call button brings you to the Phone screen with the contact pre-populated with the appropriate phone number in the Dial-To field.
  • The Caller ID screen has been renamed to the Call From screen.
  • Arrows on the Calls screen will now display for inbound calls only. The arrow colors indicate the following:
    • Red arrows indicate missed calls.
    • Red arrows indicate calls that are currently ringing or have been answered.
  • Objects on the Voicemail and Recording screens are now managed by being tapped. Tapping a voicemail message or recording will give you the option to Delete or Call Back. Users must tap outside of the Information bubble (i) to get this functionality.

Bug Fixes

  • A small percentage of customers on Android 9 Pie were experiencing intermittent crashes due to an issue with notifications. This has been resolved and should no longer be an issue for those customers.  
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