Viewing Billing History and Payment Methods in Tresta

One of the best things about Tresta is the simplicity and transparency of the billing. You always have access to your entire billing history, and it’s easy to quickly view your current payment method. This article explains how to find both in your phone system, as well as what you’ll find on each page.

The system administrator is automatically granted access to these settings. However, individual users can be made billing administrators if needed; check out this article to learn how.   

Viewing your Billing History

Once you’re logged into the web app, click on the Settings tab at the top of the page. Next, scroll down to the Billing section in the left-hand sidebar. Next, click on the History tab.


On the History page, you can view a complete history of your transactions. Click on any of the items in the gray bar to filter in ascending and descending order; these include the following: Date; Transaction ID; Description; Payment Method; Amount; Outcome; Statement. Here’s how each of these items breaks down: 

  • Date: This is the date your current balance was processed.
  • Transaction ID: This is a unique number that helps you identify one payment from another in your billing history.
  • Description: This helps you to easily identify if changes were made on your account, thus causing an increase in your monthly charge. The description should either say Billing Charges or Normal Billing. Billing Charges appears when changes are made that affect your monthly total, like adding new users. Normal Billing is used when your monthly total stays consistent from month-to-month.
  • Payment Method: This is the payment method that was used for the transaction.
  • Amount: The total monthly amount that was charged during a given billing period.
  • Outcome: Whether the payment method was approved or declined.
  • Statement: In this column, an icon of a bill appears. This opens a PDF of your monthly billing statement for your convenience. 

You can also view your Current Balance in the right corner of the History page.

Viewing your Payment Methods

Once you’re logged into the web app, click on the Settings tab at the top of the page. Next, scroll down to the Billing section in the left-hand sidebar. Next, click on the Payment Methods tab. 


On the Payment Methods page, you can view any card that Tresta has on file. If you are still within your free trial period, you can see the date the free trial ends - this is when your billing will begin.

Any payment method that’s been added to your account when signing up is viewable on this page. Of course, you have the ability to add another payment method if needed. Under the Cards on File section, you will see an icon for the type of card used (American Express, Visa, Discover, etc.). The default card is outlined in red with a label below that states DEFAULT. 

When a card in selected in the Cards on File section, a rendering of the card is visible that includes its last four digits, the expiration date and the name of the card. To the right of the card rendering, you can see the last time time the card was charged, the amount that was charged and the outcome of that charge.

Just below the charge information for the card are four buttons: Default Card, Edit Card, Delete Card, and Make a One-Time Payment. Here’s what each button does in the system:

  • Default Card: Makes the payment method your default for billing.
  • Edit Card: Allows you to update any information regarding the payment method, such as expiration date or CVV number.
  • Delete Card: Deletes the payment method from your system completely.
  • Make a One-Time Payment: Allows you to make a payment on your account as needed. 

Need to add a new payment method? Check out this article now!


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