User Voicemail Settings

As we’ve mentioned before, system administrators have the ability to adjust the settings for individual users; this includes voicemail settings. This article explains how to access these settings. The following assumes that your business phone account has more than one active user and that you are a system admin.

How to Access Voicemail Settings for Individual Users

If you are a system administrator, here is how you access the voicemail settings for individual users on your Tresta account. 

  1. Log into the web app and click on the Settings tab at the top of the page.
  2. Click on the Voicemail Boxes tab within the System Components. This opens the Voicemail Boxes page. Here you can locate the user for which you want to access their voicemail settings. You can use the four tabs at the top of the page to filter your results. These filters include the following: All; Standalone; Users; User Groups.
  3. Click the Users tab and then click on the Edit icon for the appropriate user. This opens the Edit Voicemail Box page.
  4. Preview the current greeting and add subscribers to voicemail messages (and call recordings if turned on) on the Options tab. If you do not like the current greeting, proceed to the next step.
  5. Click on the Greetings tab. Here you can preview your current greeting or change it. Simply click the +Add Another link to either record a new greeting or upload one to the system. Once you’re satisfied with your new greeting, click the red Add button at the bottom of the greeting box. NOTE: If you want your new greeting to be the default for that user, make sure you click the box next to the message, “Make this the current greeting for this user.”
  6. Once you’ve finished these steps, click the red Save button in the upper right corner of the Edit Voicemail Box page. This saves your changes and they’re now live in the system.


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