About User Groups

Tresta helps you sort your various departments with User Groups. You can have as many User Groups as you need on your business phone system, and System Administrators can easily add and remove users at any time.

When a call is routed to a User Group, it rings through to every user in the group. This increases the chances that every call is answered.

Tresta comes with three User Groups built in: All Users, System Administrators and Billing AdministratorsEach of these groups has different permissions. Here's how they work:

The All Users Group

This group is comprised of every user in the system, but members of this group are only able to make changes to their own user profile. Any user added to the system is automatically added to this group.

The System Administrators Group

Members in this group have the ability to make changes to system configurations that ultimately affect how your business phone system operates. Read more about giving users system administrator privileges here.

The Billing Administrators Group

Members in this group can view billing invoices, modify payment methods or cancel service. Read more about giving users billing administrator permissions here.

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