Giving a User a Direct Dial Phone Number


Many Tresta customers have a phone number for their main business line, and then additional phone numbers that are used to directly dial individual users. This article explains how to designate a number to a certain user within Tresta.

Once a Tresta system administrator has a phone number on the account, a call flow must be added in order to deliver your calls. This article assumes you have a phone number that has not been assigned to any one user (or a call flow). Need another phone number? Read this article. 

Let’s get started! Here are the steps for assigning a user a direct dial phone number:

  1. If you’re a system administrator, login to the web app. Click on the Settings tab to get started.
  2. Next, click on the Call Flows tab in the System Settings section.
  3. Identify the phone number for which you plan to assign to a user. If you have multiple numbers, they are all listed here. Select the one you would like to add the call flow to. Note: We recommend you visit the Phone Numbers tab under System Settings to name your phone numbers. This helps you to easily discern them when adding them to call flows. Check out this article on editing your phone numbers.
  4. Click on the button to the right of your number that is labeled Unassigned, Click to Assign. Doing so opens the Activate Phone Number window.
  5. Select the User option by clicking on the item box. When an item is selected, its box should turn red and have a small checkmark in the top right corner to indicate which option you’ve chosen to add to your call flow.
  6. While still in the Activate Phone Number window, select a User from the dropdown menu. All users in your system are listed in the dropdown. Click on the appropriate option to select.
  7. Choose the timeout option. This tells Tresta how long it should ring the user’s device(s) before rolling over to another option. You can choose from 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60-second timeouts, or no timeout.
  8. Indicate where calls will go after the timeout option. This is accomplished in the dropdown menu just below the timeout options. You can choose from the following on a user-designated **call flow:
    • Calls rollover to the user’s voicemail;
    • Calls hang up;
    • Calls route to another destination. 
  1. Click the red Save button in the Activate Phone Number window. The new call flow is now live and the phone number is associated with only one user.

 Before you move on, it’s important to remember two things about your Tresta Call Flows:

  1. Always test your call flows by dialing your business phone number and ensuring the call routes as intended.
  2. Every phone number on your account should have a call flow. If they do not, your callers will hear a message stating that the call cannot be completed.

**We recommend you opt to send calls to the individual user’s voicemail after the timeout for direct dial numbers. 


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