Transferring a Current Phone Number to Tresta

If you have a phone number already associated with your business, it’s super easy to transfer that number from your previous phone provider to Tresta. This is called Number Porting; you can learn more about number porting in this article.

This article explains how to transfer, or port, a phone number you already use into your Tresta system. You will need to provide the following information during the process:

  • The phone number(s) you want to port to Tresta;
  • The carrier for your phone number(s);
  • The billing information for your phone number(s);
  • If there is more than one number on the account of your carrier, and if you want that number ported;
  • When you want your number ported. 

If you’re a system administrator, log into the web app and click on the Settings tab at the top of the page. Next, click on the Phone Numbers tab under the System Settings. 

Note: the directions assume you have an established Tresta cloud phone account. However, the number porting process is the same when signing up for an new account. 

Phone Number Porting in Tresta

When a system administrator is on the Phone Numbers page, they can port a phone number by doing the following:

  1. Click on the red button in the upper right corner of the Phone Numbers page that’s labeled +Add Phone Number. Doing so will open the New Phone Number page. It’s here you select to add a phone number you already have.
  2. Click on the button next to the I want to add a phone number I already have option.
  3. Under the Phone Number to Port section, type the phone number you want to transfer to Tresta.
  4. Under the Current Carrier section, provide the carrier for the phone number you want to transfer to Tresta.
  5. Fill out the information in the Billing Information with Current Carrier section. This information must be as it appears on your billing statements with the carrier. It’s in this section that you must also select between two items:
    • Whether the phone number you want to port is the only number on that account or;
    • Whether there are other phone numbers on the account with your current carrier and you do not wish to port them.
  1. Select when you would like your phone number ported to Tresta. Click on the dropdown. You have two options:
    • ASAP (3-5 business days)
    • Select a future date
  2. Add your authorized signature to the form in the space provided.
  3. If you’re happy, click the red Add Selected button in the top, right corner of the page. When clicked, the porting process begins and can take up to 48 hours. Regardless, calls to that number should operate as usual.
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