Adding a Forwarding Number to a Call Flow

Call forwarding gives you the freedom to send your calls wherever you like whenever needed. This is a great solution for businesses that utilize an answering service or employ a remote administrative assistant.

This article explains how to add a forwarding number to your call flow, assuming you have already configured a number within the Forwarding Numbers tab under the System Settings. Need to know how forwarding numbers are added to your account? This article explains how to do it.

When you’re ready, follow these steps:

  1. If you’re a system administrator, log into the Tresta web app. Once your account opens, click on the System Settings () tab at the top of the page.
  2. Click on Phone Numbers. This link is located in the left hand navigation menu within the System Settings tab. This opens your Phone Numbers page.
  3. Locate the phone number you want forwarded. Once you’ve done that, follow the steps below to configure the number.
    • Click on the Edit button in the top right corner of the box that contains the phone number you would like to edit.
    • Next, select “Send the call to a forwarding number” from the dropdown directly under “When this phone number receives a call”.
    • After that, you will need to make selections for the following:
      • Which forwarding number you would like to use
      • If you want to require the callee to “Press 1 to Accept”
      • What to do if the call is not answered

4. After your configurations are ready, click on the red Save button. This will automatically update your call flow.

5. Before you move on, it’s important to remember two things about your Tresta Call Flows

    • Always test your call flows by dialing your business phone number. This ensures calls route as intended.
    • Every phone number on your account should have a call flow. If they do not, your callers will hear a message stating the call cannot be completed.







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