Adding an Audio File to a Call Flow

Within the Tresta cloud phone system, system administrators can record or upload audio files for use within your phone system. As mentioned in another article, audio files are recordings, greetings or prompts to include in any call flow or as a routing option within an auto-attendant.

This article assumes you have already recorded or added at least one audio file to use in your Tresta system, and that you’re ready to add that file to a call flow. If you haven’t recorded or uploaded an audio file to the Tresta web app, this article explains how to do so.

Ready to get started? Follow these steps to add an audio to your call flow in Tresta. 

  1. Login to the web app and click on the Settings tab at the top of the page.

  2. Click on the Call Flows tab in the sidebar. The Call Flows tab is located within the System Settings.


  3. Locate the number to which you want to add the audio file on the Call Flows page. A number that does not have a current call flow will show a box to the right of the number. That box is labeled as Unassigned, Click to Assign.

  4. Click on the Unassigned button next to the desired phone number. This action populates an Activate Phone Number pop up. It is here you can choose to which item you would like to connect the number. The Audio File button is selected by default.


  5. Choose the desired audio file from the dropdown menu. The dropdown menu is located just above the audio player. Find the audio file within the menu, and select it by clicking on it within the dropdown.


  6. Tell Tresta what to do once the file has played. After Tresta plays your audio files you have two options two options:

    1. The call ends and Tresta disconnects from your caller or;
    2. The call is routed to another destination such as an auto attendant, user, user group, voicemail or forwarding number.
      • If you want Tresta to hang up after the audio file is played: Simply click the Save button. Your audio file is now connected with a call flow.
      • If you want Tresta to redirect the call after the audio file is played: Select the item where you want your calls to go, and then follow the rest of the configurations within the pop up window. Click the Save button once you’ve completed your configurations.


Once you’ve saved all of your configurations, your completed call flow will automatically appear on the Call Flows page.

Before you move on, it’s important to remember two things about your Tresta Call Flows: 

  1. Always test your call flows by dialing your business phone number. This ensures calls route as intended.
  2. Every phone number on your account should have a call flow. If they do not, your callers will hear a message stating the call cannot be completed.


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