About Smart Routing

Tresta offers the unique ability to control a call via intelligent, custom controls we call Smart Routing. Smart Routing allows a System Admin to define where calls go in very specific situations based on pre-set criteria. 

Smart routing can be as simple as "send these calls to Jane" or as complex as "offer these calls to Sales for 20 seconds, if no one answers, try All Users for 20 seconds, if there’s still no answer, play the 'out of office' audio file and send the caller to voicemail."

Through Smart Routing, you can send a caller to a variety of different destinations, including: 

  • Audio Files
  • Auto Attendants
  • Forwarding Numbers
  • Schedules
  • Users
  • User Groups
  • Voicemail Boxes

Let's look at an example:

ABC Co. has a special phone number for customers to call when they have an emergency with their account.  ABC Co.’s System Admin configured that phone number so that it first tries to ring a special on-call User Group.  If nobody answers the call within 20 seconds, the call will immediately rollover to the Sales Team for assistance.  If the Sales Team doesn’t answer the call within another 20 seconds, the caller will be sent to voicemail, and a notification for that voicemail will be sent to anyone subscribed to that voicemail box.  


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