Configuring Call Flows

You can configure a call flow using Tresta's built-in visual editor. For every phone number on your account, select a button to assign a route-to option to that number.

You can route the call to any of the system components, including:

  • Audio Files
  • Auto Attendants
  • Forwarding Numbers
  • Schedules
  • Users
  • User Groups
  • Voicemail

You can also use Tresta's Smart Routing capabilities to combine any of the above components into a single call flow. For example, if you need all of your business phone calls sent to your receptionist first, but if he doesn't answer within 20 seconds, you can opt to roll the call over to your Sales Team for assistance.

There are countless combinations of call flow configurations you can enable on your system. Regardless of how you configure your call flows, follow these best practices:

  • Always test your call flows by dialing your business phone number and ensuring the call routes the way you expect it to. If you have a scheduling component to your call flow, make sure you test during all of the various times to ensure you have set up it properly.
  • Every phone number on your account should have a call flow. If it does not, your callers will hear a message stating that the call cannot be completed.

A note about your initial configuration:

When you first set up your account with Tresta, we preconfigure your business phone number to route to you as a User. We also connect the device you provide in the setup wizard to your User Profile.

When a caller dials your business phone number, they are routed to you at the device you provided during setup. If this call flow is sufficient, you do not need to modify any settings.  

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