About auto-attendants

Auto-attendants are self-service menus that allow your callers to select where they’d like their call routed. They are sometimes called a phone menu or are more technically known as an IVR.

As an example, if you’ve ever called your pharmacy and heard “Thank you for calling. To ask about a prescription, press 1. To speak to an associate, press 2,” you’ve heard an auto-attendant. It answers calls, plays a pre-recorded greeting, and provides callers with options to route their call. The caller presses the number on their dial pad that corresponds with where they’d like to be routed, and the call is routed automatically. That’s it!

Auto-attendants can route calls anywhere you’d like: to a user, user group, audio file (perfect for listing office hours, addresses, or other information), a submenu (for providing even more options), forwarding number, or voicemail box.

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