Mobile app notifications

The Tresta mobile app has two types of notifications:

  1. A badge count, which is a small number that will appear on the icon for your app and will count your missed calls, messages and recordings
  2. A push notification, which is a message Tresta will push to your phone (usually your home screen) to notify you of new incoming items

Tresta provides notifications for Enhanced Caller ID, missed calls, new voicemails and new call recordings.  If you don't want an item to be included in your badge count, or you don't want to receive a notification for any (or all) of these items, you can adjust these settings with the mobile app.

  1. Open your Tresta mobile app
  2. Click on your User Profile picture in the upper right-hand corner of the app
  3. Select "Notifications"
  4. Toggle the settings on or off to specify the notifications you would like to receive.




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