Viewing your call history

You can easily view all of your call history from right within your Tresta mobile app.  Simply click on the "History" link from the bottom of the app to be taken to a screen showing every call to or from your User Profile.

Your call history will include calls no matter what device was used. You can filter based on the calls you answered, missed or placed through your Tresta phone system.  If a call recording or voicemail was associated with the call, you will see a red icon indicating the message.  If you need to call someone back, you can easily click on the caller's name or phone number (in red) and Tresta will initiate an outbound call.

You can also view even greater detail for every call by clicking on the "Call Detail" button on the right-hand corner of the record.  (The "Call Detail" button looks like a red "i" in a circle.)  Call details give you information such as the path the caller took to get to your User Profile, a map showing the caller's location and will include the voicemail or call recording if one was left for you.

If you ever need to find a specific call or caller, you can also search your history from right within the app by using the search bar at the top of the screen.  

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