Understanding voicemail subscriptions

In Tresta, voicemail messages can be left for a User, a User Group or a Standalone Voicemail Box.  We allow you to customize who receives the voicemail messages for each of these three items through subscriptions.

If you are subscribed to a User, User Group or Standalone Voicemail Box, it means that you will have access to any of their voicemail messages in addition to your own.  

Let's look at an example:

Jane is a Salesperson at ABC Co.  She is a member of their sales department, so she is subscribed to a voicemail box for the Sales Team User Group.  If someone leaves a message for that User Group, Jane will have access to the voicemail message on her account.  Anyone else who is subscribed to that User Group's voicemail will also receive a copy of the message.  

In another example, let’s say that Jane’s coworker, Bob, goes on vacation for a week. He wants to make sure his customers are taken care of while he is away, so Bob temporarily adds Jane as a subscriber to his personal voicemail messages.  During his vacation, Jane will receive a copy of all of Bob’s voicemails too.  When Bob returns from vacation, he can easily remove Jane as a subscriber and she will stop receiving his voicemail messages.

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