About Enhanced Caller ID

If you have the mobile app installed, you can have an enhanced version of Caller ID display on your phone whenever you receive a call through your Tresta phone system. Enhanced Caller ID means that you will be able to see two phone numbers as the Caller ID - the caller's phone number and the Tresta phone number the caller dialed to reach you.

There are two options for Enhanced Caller ID settings.  It's easy to customize - simply log in to your web app and configure your Enhanced Caller ID to your preferred style.

*If you do not have the mobile app installed on your phone, but are still sending callers to your phone as a device, you will only see the caller's phone number as the Caller ID.


iPhone Users:

iPhone users must change one setting on their phone in order for Enhanced Caller ID to work.  Android users do not need to take any additional steps after you have installed the mobile app. 



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