About Phone Number Configurations

Phone Number configurations are the core of your phone system.  A configuration maps out the route you want callers to experience anytime they dial your business phone number.  A configuration could be something as simple as this:

When a caller dials my business phone number, send that caller to Bob Smyth (a User on the account).

Or something like this:

Between the hours of 9 AM  - 5 PM, send all callers to Auto Attendant "A".  Auto Attendant "A" will ask callers to select option 1 for Sales or option 2 for Support.  If no one from Sales or Support answers the call, send them to a Standalone Voicemail Box.  If it is outside of those hours, send all callers to the Standalone Voicemail Box.

Every phone number on your Tresta account should have an associated configuration, or else callers will never be routed to your business.  With Tresta, they are easy to setup and changes take effect in real-time.  

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