About Subscriptions

Subscriptions are how Tresta controls who has access to review call recordings and voicemail messages.  

Voicemail Messages

A Voicemail message can be left for a User, a User Group, and a Standalone Voicemail Box.  No matter where the message is left, it can be easily shared with other Users on your Tresta account through Subscriptions.  If you are a subscriber to a User, User Group or Standalone Voicemail Box, you will receive those messages in addition to your own.

System Admins control who is subscribed to User Group and Standalone Voicemail Box messages.  Individual Users within Tresta can choose to add another User as a subscriber to their messages by logging into the web app, clicking on Settings, and selecting Voicemail from the left-hand menu.  From there, you can view, add and delete subscribers to your personal voicemail.  

Let's look at an example:

Jane is a Salesperson at ABC Co.  She is a member of their sales department, so she is subscribed to a voicemail box for the Sales Team User Group.  If someone leaves a message for that User Group, Jane will have access to the voicemail message on her account.  Anyone else who is subscribed to that User Group's voicemail will also receive a copy of the message.  

In another example, Jane’s coworker, Bob, goes on vacation for a week. He wants to make sure his customers are taken care of while he is away, so Bob temporarily adds Jane as a subscriber to his personal voicemail messages.  During his vacation, Jane will receive a copy of all of Bob’s voicemails, too.  When Bob returns from vacation, he can easily remove Jane as a subscriber and she will stop receiving his voicemail messages.

Call Recordings 

Call recordings can be turned on or off at the Phone Number level. A System Admin can configure this by visiting the specific Phone Number under System Settings.  While there, the Admin can decide who will have access to the recordings by choosing subscribers.  If you are subscribed to Phone Number's call recordings, the recordings will appear in your account immediately after the call is concluded.


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