Receiving calls on your cell phone

If you have your Tresta account configured to send calls to your cell phone, you will be prompted to accept the call before you are connected to the caller. 

When you answer an incoming call from your Tresta account, you will hear a greeting asking you to press "1" to accept the call.  If you press "1", you and the caller will be connected immediately.  

If you do not press "1", or if you hang up, the caller will be routed to the appropriate destination based on how your System Admin has configured your Call Flows.  This may include sending them to your voicemail box, or routing the caller to another User on your account.

Enhanced Caller ID

To make receiving calls on your cell phone even better, we suggest installing the mobile app on your phone and enabling Enhanced Caller ID.  It will help you know who is calling before you answer.

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