Lesson Five: Retrieving voicemail and call recordings

     In Tresta, there are three ways you can get your call recordings and voicemail messages: the mobile app; by email; or in the web app. If you recall from our last article, you can customize exactly where and how you will receive your messages by toggling the subscription settings in your user profile. Once you have customized your subscription settings, you’ll need to know how to retrieve your messages, so this article will show you all of the available methods and provide details on additional features related to your messages.

     Let’s start by logging in to your account via the web app and clicking on “Voicemail” along the top menu bar.  Voice mail messages and call recordings work the same way within Tresta, so we’ll be staying on voicemail messages for the purposes of this article. Just note that if you are on the call recordings page, everything will work the same.  When you first come to the Voicemail page, you will see a list of any new voicemail messages that are pending your review.  You can easily see where the call came from and who the message was left for before even listening to the message.  You can play your message right on the computer by clicking the play button or download the message as an audio file if you need to share or store it outside of Tresta. 

     In Tresta, voicemail messages are either in a “new” or “reviewed” state.  After you have played a message, Tresta will automatically mark the message as reviewed – which you can see by the icon in the top right-hand corner.  To toggle between new and reviewed messages, simply select the option you desire from the left-hand menu.  If you would like to return a reviewed message back to a “new” state, just click the icon in the upper right-hand corner of the message.  From within the web app only, voicemail messages and call recordings can be deleted from your account, but use caution, however, as they cannot be retrieved once they are gone.

     A quick note about shared voicemail or recorded messages in Tresta – if there are multiple people who have access to a voice mail file, the status of “new” or “reviewed” will be shared by everyone.  For example, if you’re a member of the Sales Team, then you may be subscribed to Sales voicemails along with other members of the team.  If one person on the team has read the message, the message will show as “reviewed” for everyone.  This is so that no one is duplicating work. Whoever listens to the message is responsible for following up, but if they desire, they can simply reset the message to “new” for someone else to review.   As with the analytics feature, you can easily filter and search your voicemail messages by using the options on the left-hand menu. 

      Now let’s look at the mobile app.  Along the bottom menu is an option for Recordings and an option for Voicemail. When you open either of these pages, you will get a visual list of all of your new messages.  Just like with the web app, you can easily see where the call came from as well as who it was left for, and play your message right from the app. You can also toggle between your new and reviewed messages and change the state from reviewed back to new if needed.  The mobile app also allows you to do two additional things: return a call by simply clicking on the caller’s phone number, shown in red; and view more information about the call path by clicking on the call Details icon.  Clicking the icon will show you all of the call details for that message, including the path the caller took to get to you, a map of that caller’s location, whether a call recording and voicemail message was left, and a list of all of the subscribers to the messages.    

     Many of our customers also receive their voicemail messages and call recordings by email. If you have set up your subscriptions for email delivery, Tresta will immediately send you an email with a copy of the message.  Emails provide customers with instant notification of a message and can help you respond to callers as quickly as possible.

     We hope this article helped you better understand your options for receiving voicemail messages.  Check out our Next Steps article in the help center, which will give you some tips on getting started.  A link will be provided below.  Thanks for watching.

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