Lesson Four: Understanding Subscriptions

     This article will introduce you to subscriptions in Tresta and explain how you can customize your subscription settings to your individual preferences.  Let’s start with the basics:  what is a subscription?  In Tresta, voicemail messages can be left for a User, a User Group or a standalone voicemail box.  We allow you to customize who receives the voicemail messages for each of these three items through subscriptions.  If you are subscribed to a user, user group or standalone voicemail box, it means that you will have access to any of their voicemail messages in addition to your own.  For example, if you are a member of your company’s Sales Team, you might be subscribed to a voicemail box particularly for Sales.  If someone leaves a voice mail message for that User Group, you will have access to the message on your account.  Anyone else who is subscribed to that User Group’s voicemail will also receive a copy of the message. 

     Another scenario where this may come into play is when your company uses standalone voicemail boxes.  A standalone voicemail box is one that is not connected to a user or user group.  It is sometimes used by businesses after hours. For example, ABC CO. closes at 5 PM each day.  At that time, their phone system switches from its normal menu options to a greeting that tells callers their office is closed. The greeting also offers them the option to leave a message to receive a return call the following day.  That voicemail message doesn’t belong to any particular user, so ABC Co.’s System Admin has configured it to be left in a standalone voicemail box.  The Admin then subscribes people to that box, so they can retrieve the messages when their office opens the next day. 

     Subscriptions work the same way for call recordings. If your System Admin has configured a phone number to record calls and wants to give you access to listen to those call recordings, your Admin will subscribe you to that specific phone number’s recordings.

     You can view all of your subscriptions by going to your Settings page and clicking “Subscriptions” under your user profile.  If you click on Recording, you can also see any call recordings that you’re subscribed to.  Within these two pages you can tell Tresta how you’d like your messages to be delivered to you for each specific subscription.  You have three options:  push to web app, push to mobile app, and push to email.  If you have all three of these options turned on, it means messages or recordings for that specific subscription will be available via your web app, the mobile app, and will be sent to you via email.  Tresta will default to this option for your personal account and for user groups in which you are a member, but you can change these settings at any time.

     Let’s jump over and look at voicemail messages. On the left hand menu, you will see Subscriptions. If you expand this menu you can choose to filter your messages so that you only see results for the desired subscription.  By default, Tresta will show you messages for all of the subscriptions on your profile, but you can easily change that. 

     Thanks for reading this short article on subscriptions.  Keep reading the remaining articles in our Getting Started series by clicking the link below.

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