Lesson Two: Configuring your devices so callers can reach you

     In this article we explain what a “device” is within your Tresta phone system and how to properly connect them to Tresta. 

     Let’s revisit your account, and take a look at your devices.  From within the Tresta web app account, click on Settings.  On the left-hand menu, under your User Profile, you can see a section called “Devices”.

     A device is what you use to answer your calls, such as a cell phone or a landline.  Since Tresta is cloud-based and doesn’t require any special hardware, you configure all of your business calls to ring you at any device you desire.  Some customers have only one device associated with their profile–their cell phone. Whenever someone calls a phone number that routes to their user profile, Tresta immediately sends the call to their cell phone.

     If, for example, you are a remote salesperson, who often works on the road or out of a home office, then you might also have a landline installed at your house.  In this case, whenever you receive a business call, you would want Tresta to try and reach you on both your cell phone and your house phone, so that you receive your calls no matter where you choose to work.  You can therefore set up both of these devices, your cell phone and your home phone, on your user profile.  Once both devices are added, whenever someone calls you, Tresta will ring both of your devices at once and connect the call to the first one that is answered.  The caller will never know what device you are using – all they know is they dialed your business phone number, and you answered. 

     If you are using a cell phone as one of your devices, be sure to visit the “Caller ID” page under your User Settings.  Here, you can tell Tresta how you would like your calls to appear when they ring to your cell phone.  You have two choices: you can have your business phone number that the caller dialed appear on top and then show the Caller’s phone number underneath, or you can have the Caller’s phone number appear on top and then show your business phone number underneath.  This helps you tell the difference between a personal call being sent to your cell phone and a business call, so you can make sure you always answer with the proper greeting.

     Devices can be added, removed and edited right within your User Settings.  We recommend you name a device something easy to identify, such as “Jane’s Cell Phone” or “Bob’s Home Phone”.  With Tresta, you have the freedom and flexibility to control where you work by routing your calls to any device you desire.

     Now that you’ve configured your devices to receive calls, check with your System Admin to find out how calls are being routed to you.  There are several ways that calls can be configured to reach you.  For example, from a certain menu of an Auto Attendant, at particular times of the day in a Schedule, or as part of a User Group you’re in like Sales or Accounting.  Note that if you are a member of a user group, Tresta will call all of the members simultaneously and whoever picks up the call first will be connected to the caller. Callers may also be able to reach you directly at your extension.  Callers may also be able to reach you directly at your extension.  To check your extension number, click on your name in the upper, right-hand corner of your web app and then click About Your User.  Just double-check with your System Administrator to ensure that your company’s Tresta system is set up for extension dialing before giving out your extension.

     Now that you understand devices, please continue our “Getting Started” series by clicking on the link below to learn about using your mobile app.

Lesson Three - Using your mobile app

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