Lesson One: Introduction to the Web App for Users

      Welcome to Part One of our Getting Started series, where we walk you through your new Tresta phone system. This article provides an overview of the website app and shows you some examples of how you can configure your system.

     As a User, there are two ways to interact with your Tresta account: through the web app or the mobile app.  Most Tresta users prefer the mobile app to place and receive calls and check voicemail. There are some additional features on our mobile app, but we’ll cover those in a later article.  When you want to review your call analytics or modify your settings, however, simply log into the web app by visiting tresta.com from any desktop computer or tablet.  

     Let’s take a look at the web app by logging into your account.  Simply visit www.tresta.com, and click LOGIN in the upper, right-hand corner of the page.  Once logged in, you are taken directly to the analytics page where all the data related to your calls is visible.  From the left-hand menu, you can easily apply filters to narrow down her results and view individual call details for specific stats, like which calls were missed or answered during a specific time frame.  Tresta’s analytics help you make sure no callers are ever overlooked. 

     You can also check your voicemail and call recordings within the web app by clicking on the appropriate menu options.  Call recordings appear for you if your System Administrator has turned on call recordings and given you access to them.  On both the Call Recordings and Voicemail pages, you can view personal messages that were left or recorded directly for you, as well as messages and recordings you are subscribed to.  We will cover subscriptions in greater detail in a later video.  Your messages are also accessible in the mobile app.  Just like the analytics feature, you can easily search and filter voicemail and call recordings by using the options on the left-hand menu. 

     The last menu option, Settings, is where you will go to make any configuration changes to your User Profile.  It’s here you personalize your account by uploading your photo, changing your password or updating your time zone.  In later videos we’ll also help you understand your Devices, Caller ID settings and subscription notifications and give you recommendations on how to customize them for your preferences.

     For now, let’s visit the Voicemail Settings page to review your voicemail greeting.  By default, Tresta plays a generic voicemail greeting, but we encourage you to personalize this so that your callers know they’ve reached the right spot. To record your own, click on Greetings and select, “Add Another.” Simply follow the on-screen instructions to record your individual greeting.      

     You can also find additional information about your User Profile by clicking on your name in the upper right-hand corner and selecting “About your User”.  This screen will show you the various User Groups you belong to, who your System Administrators are, and more details about your profile.  If you ever need additional help, you can also click on the “Help Center” link from the main menu. Here you’ll find tons of information about your new phone system.  

     This wraps up our introduction to the Tresta web app.  We encourage you to review the rest of the articles in this series – just click on the link below to continue to the next article.  

 Lesson Two - Configuring your devices so callers can reach you

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