Introduction for Tresta System Administrators

Whether you need a small phone system for your new business, or you need a large, enterprise-grade platform for your growing company, we've got you covered.  At Tresta, we understand that having a large number of features on our service isn't good unless you, as a System Administrator, knows how to set up and use those features in the best possible way.

The Tresta Help Center, and the Getting Started Series of videos that follow, are designed to get you up to speed as quickly as possible.

We've found the best results occur when System Administrators walk through each of the lessons in the Getting Started Series for Users first, and then watching each of the videos in the Getting Started Series for Admins. This helps you familiarize how the Tresta phone system is used by its Users so you can better understand how to configure it to your needs.

If you ever need additional help, or more detailed configurations, you can search for your topic directly or navigate directly to a specific article on your question.

Without further delay, please start with:

Getting Started Video Series for System Admins Lesson 1: System Settings Overview

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