Using audio files (custom greetings) in your call flows.

Tresta gives you the ability to record or upload audio files to professionally greet callers and assist them in navigating the call menu. To record or upload a new audio file, you’ll need to sign in to the web app.

  1. Click System

Note – if you are not a member of the System Admins group, you will not see this option.

  1. Select Audio Files from the sidebar options on the left.
  2. Click the Add Audio File button.
  3. Give the audio file a name and under Method select Upload or Record.

If using Safari as your browser, you will only be able to upload a file. To upload or record, please use Google Chrome.

  1. Save your audio file and apply it in the call flow for the Phone Number or Auto Attendant that is routing calls for you.

Additionally, Tresta offers a voice talent service for free. For more information on this topic, please review Utilizing Tresta’s free voice talent service to record audio files and voicemail greetings.

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