Turning call recording on or off and controlling who can access call recordings.

Tresta makes it easy to record calls, with unlimited call recording included at no extra charge. To turn call recording on or off, you’ll need to sign in to the web app.

  1. Click System

Note – if you are not a member of the System Admins group, you will not see this option.

  1. Select Phone Numbers from the sidebar options on the left, and click the Edit icon on the phone number that you want to modify.
  2. Select the Call Recordings tab, and toggle the switch from Disabled to Enabled
  3. Once enabled, settings will appear allowing you to:
    • Select which calls will be recorded. You can record All Calls, just Incoming Calls, or just Outgoing Calls
    • Select the audio file that will be played on incoming calls to notify callers they are being recorded
    • Agree to notify callers they are being recorded on outgoing calls
    • Control who can access the phone number’s call recordings

To control who can access call recordings, from the same screen:

  1. Select the dropdown menu under “How do you want to control who sees call recordings from this number?”
  2. To allow access to call recordings for any user who is receiving calls from the number, select “Inherit dialing permissions from the Inbound Calls tab”.
  3. Or, to manually grant access, select “Manual”, and add the list of users and groups that you want to allow access to call recordings.
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