Controlling how incoming calls are routed by your system.

Whether you’re a single user or a company with hundreds of employees, Tresta provides a powerful and flexible system to help you manage your business phone calls and texts.

To manage how your calls and texts are routing, sign in to the web app and click the System option in the main navigation.

Note – if you are not a member of the System Admins group, you will not see this option.

Select Phone Numbers from the sidebar options on the left, and click the Edit icon on the phone number that you want to modify.

Inside the Edit Phone Number screen, you’ll find options that allow you to take advantage of all the calling and messaging capabilities Tresta offers.

For help setting your system up for a particular use case, review the following resources.

Routing calls to a user.

Routing calls to a group.

Routing calls to a forwarding number.

Using an auto attendant to route callers with a menu of keypress options.

Using extensions to route callers with 4-digit extensions at your main menu.

Using audio files (custom greetings) in your call flows.

Utilizing Tresta’s free voice talent service to record audio files and voicemail greetings.

Using schedules to route calls differently based on the day and time.

Creating hunt groups to offer calls to a group of people in a pre-specified order.

Managing caller ID display options.

Managing voicemail options.

Turning call recording on or off and controlling who can access call recordings.

Controlling who is able to view, send, and reply to text messages.

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