Accessing more info in the Call Details pane.

By selecting a voicemail or call recording, this will open the Call Details pane.

In the Call Details pane, you’ll find:


The caller profile section includes information on who the call was with including

  • Caller Avatar
  • Contact Name, or Phone Number
  • Contact’s Number Label, or Phone Number’s City and State

User or Group

The avatar and name of the user or group the voicemail or call recording was routed to.


In the upper right, you’ll see the date and time that the call was placed or received.

Voicemail/Call Recording

Below the above listed, is the voicemail or call recording. Options to manage the voicemail or call recording include:

  • Play
  • Mark as new/reviewed
  • Download
  • Delete


The Location map shows the location where phone numbers in the call are registered. Location data is based on the area code and prefix of each number, not the caller/callee’s actual location at the time of the call.

Call Flow

The Call Flow location shows a step-by-step illustration of how the call was routed.

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