Overview - accessing voicemails and call recordings in the mobile app.

The Inbox section can be found in the bottom navigation menu of the mobile app.

In this section of the app, you can view all of the voicemails and call recordings that you’ve received. To toggle between viewing voicemails and call recordings, use the selector at the top of the screen.

You can search for voicemails and call recordings by clicking the search icon and typing in the search bar, and you can access more options by tapping the row to reveal the context menu.

In addition, you can filter your Inbox to show only new or reviewed items, voicemails from only certain voicemail boxes, or call recordings from only certain phone numbers.

To play a voicemail or call recording, just tap the play button. You can control whether the audio is playing from your speaker or your earphone with the audio icon in the context menu.

Items will automatically mark as reviewed when you play them, or you can swipe from left to right to manually toggle between new and reviewed.

To delete an item, swipe from right to left.

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