Overview - placing and receiving calls in the mobile app.

Currently, calling in the mobile app works by using your mobile phone number to bridge calls to or from you. We’re working on adding the option to use Wi-Fi calling in the mobile app, as well as the ability to place and receive calls in the web app. Be on the lookout for these updates to start rolling out by the end of 2022.

The Calls section can be found in the bottom navigation menu of the mobile app and is used to place calls from your Tresta phone number(s).

Placing Calls

  1. Select which Tresta number you want to call from.
  2. Dial a phone number on the keypad, or tap the Contact icon to search for a contact.
  3. Tap the Call button.
  4. Tresta will initiate an outbound call from your mobile phone to the Tresta number you selected as your “call from” number and then will bridge this call to the number you dialed. The person you’re calling will see your Tresta number as the caller ID, not your personal number.

To control who has permissions to place calls from a Tresta phone number, review Controlling who is able to place calls from a phone number.

Receiving Calls

When a phone call is routed to your user, or any groups you’re a member of, Tresta will offer the call to all of the phone numbers that you have saved as a “Device” on your user profile in the web app.

Managing Devices

To manage your devices, you’ll need to sign in to the web app, where you can add up to five phone numbers as “devices” that will be used to forward calls to your user. For more details on this topic, review Managing the devices that are linked to your user and used to forward your calls.

Receiving a Call

The mobile app is not needed to receive calls, but the mobile app is necessary to receive the push notifications that provide enhanced caller ID.

  • Without push notifications, you can select whether you’ll see your Tresta phone number as the caller ID on your phone for incoming calls, or the caller’s actual caller ID.
  • With push notifications, you’ll receive a push notification that includes both the Tresta number that was dialed to reach you, and the caller ID of the person that’s calling.

To learn more about Tresta’s caller ID options, review Managing caller ID display options.

Press 1 to Accept

When you answer the call, Tresta will prompt you to press 1 to accept the call; this is to prevent a non-human answer, like your cell phone voicemail, from interrupting the desired call flow.

  • To answer the call, press 1.
  • To decline the call, simply hang up.

To turn off the “press 1 to accept” prompt, review Turning off the “press 1 to accept” prompt on incoming calls.

Call Routing

To control how your Tresta phone number is routing calls, review Controlling how incoming calls are routed by your system.

Call Recording

To turn call recording on or off, or to change who can access the call recordings associated with a Tresta phone number, review Turning call recording on or off and controlling who can access call recordings.


To turn voicemail on or off, to change your voicemail greeting, or to change who can access the messages in a voicemail box, review Managing voicemail options.

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