Searching and viewing contacts.

To search your contacts, simply tap the magnifying glass in the upper-right hand corner and begin typing in the search bar and your list of contacts will live filter.

To open a contact, tap the contact’s row to view their contact detail card.

On the contact detail card, you’ll find:


The profile section includes the contact’s

  • Avatar
  • Name and/or Company
  • Options to Call, Message or Email the contact


The Phone section displays any phone numbers that are saved to the contact.

Tap the Calls icon to place a call to this number, or tap the Messages icon to send a text message to the number.


The Email section displays any email addresses that are saved to the contact.

Tap the email icon to send an email to this email address.


The Address section displays any addresses that are saved to the contact.

Tap the map icon to open this address in your phone’s default map app.


The Source section shows which contact source the contact is associated with and can be either

  • Tresta User
  • Tresta Group
  • Company Address Book
  • Your Address Book


The Added section shows when contact the contact was originally created.


The Modified section shows when the contact was last modified.

Currently, Tresta works by syncing to your phone’s local contacts. The contacts you sync are not editable from within the Tresta app and are visible only on the phone they were sync’d from. We’re working on a new version of contacts that will allow you to keep business contacts separate from your personal contacts and share contacts across all the users and devices on your Tresta phone system, as well as access contacts in the web app.

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