Overview – using contacts in the mobile app.

The Contacts section can be found in the bottom navigation menu of the mobile app.

In this section of the app, you’ll see the users and groups you’ve added to your account, as well as any contacts that you’ve sync’d from your phone.

You can search for contacts by typing in the search bar, and you can access the full contact card for anyone in the list by tapping on them.

To switch the display order between First Name Last Name and Last Name, First Name click the more icon and select the display method you prefer.

Currently, Tresta works by syncing to your phone’s local contacts. The contacts you sync are not editable from within the Tresta app and are visible only on the phone they were sync’d from. We’re working on a new version of contacts that will allow you to keep business contacts separate from your personal contacts and share contacts across all the users and devices on your Tresta phone system, as well as access contacts in the web app.

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